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 Board Recognition

January 9, 2017

Students at Davidson Elementary School were recognized at Monday night’s school board meeting for achieving top scores or showing the most improvement on i-Ready, the Adaptive Diagnostic Assessment used in the school district to determine strengths and weaknesses for each student. The group included (from left) Taylor Weekley, Ryen Ashford, Anthony Telford, Cooper Lyle, Cohen Hart, Parker Avant, Alijah Pegues and Levi Bryant. See below to see the students’ accomplishments.

Also recognized at Monday’s school board meeting for achievements on i-Ready testing were (from left) Reid Burress, Emma Hendricks, Jazmin Stewart, Louisa Tatum, Colby Maynor and Jaelyn Isbell. See below to see the students’ accomplishments.


Reading Top Score: Taylor Weekley, 433

Math Top Score: Amelia Romberger, 399

Most Growth Reading: Jonathan Bravo, +119 points

Most Growth Math: Amelia Romberger, +63 points


First Grade:

Reading Top Score: Cooper Lyle, 573

Math Top Score:Cooper Lyle 501

Most Growth Reading: Anthony Telford, +109 points

Most Growth Math: Ryen Ashford, +53 points


Second Grade:

Reading Top Score: Caspian Coughlin, 575

Math Top Score: Cohen Hart, 463

Most Growth Reading: Kadence Blankenship, +138 points

Most Growth Math: Austin Turner, +38 points


Third Grade:

Reading Top Score: Parker Avant, 588

Math Top Score: Levi Bryant, 487

Most Growth Reading: Melvin Barnes, +125 points

Most Growth Math: Alijah Pegues, +45 points


Fourth Grade:

Reading Top Score: Reid Burress, 634

Math Top Score: Auston Hughes, 505

Most Growth Overall Math and Reading: Nicolas Raines, +48 points in Math, +91 points in Reading

Most Growth Reading: Marshall Phillips, +87 points

Most Growth Math: Calicia Hutchins, +45 points


Fifth Grade:

Reading Top Score: Emma Hendricks, 658

Math Top Score: Jazmin Stewart, 518

Most Growth Reading: Sean Potts, +120 points

Most Growth Math: Louisa Tatum, +32 points


Sixth Grade:

Reading Top Score: Jaelyn Isbell, 658

Math Top Score: Madison White, 532

Most Growth Reading: Colby Maynor, +106 points

Most Growth Math: Casey Telford, +45 points



Water Valley state chess champions were also recognized at Monday’s school board meeting. The group included (from left) coach John Person, seventh grade champion, Hayden Eubanks; eighth grade champion Matthew Dunn and 10th grade champion, Bennett Stevens. (Not pictured is Coach Sim Ramirez)

Water Valley High School is proud to announce that we had not one-not two-but THREE State Chess Champions.!

Hayden Eubanks – 7th Grade State Chess Champion

Matthew Dunn – 8th Grade State Chess Champion

John Bennett Shaw – 10th Grade State Chess Champion


The chess team was begun by Mr. Sim Ramirez. Mr. Ramirez is assisted by Mr. John S. Person, who also dedicates his personal time each week to work with these boys. We would like to take this opportunity to thank him for his considerable investment in our students.

This is a remarkable accomplishment for ANY school – but particularly a school of our size. Congratulations to these boys, their families, and their coaches for representing not only our school but also our community so well with this wonderful achievement.

Water Valley School District Business manager Randy Goodwin (right) was recognized by State Auditor Stacey Pickering following a clean audit report. Presenting the certificate of achievement on behalf of Pickering was school trustee Pierce Epes.  The audit department reported there were no material findings, weaknesses or internal control exceptions in the school district’s most recent audit.

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